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Avatar: The Next Chapter

Avatar - The Next Chapter (Post Series Finale RPG)
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An Avatar The Last Airbender Post-Series RPG


Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Next Chapter RPG

Welcome to the game! The premise is pretty simple. We're continuing where the series left off! The story revolves around the new adventures of Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko, and all their other friends as they work together to continue to restore balance to the world!

Note: We ask that you be at least 14 years old, if you wish to join. Thanks!


1.) We only allow canon characters from "Avatar: The Last Airbender". No original characters or characters from other fandoms will be accepted. (For now.)
2.) No God-modding. This basically means do not play another person's character for them. If you want to start a plot, ask the other players, don't assume what they'll do.
3.) Please try to use proper spelling/grammar. The characters all seem to be pretty literate so you should be too.
4.) This is not so much a crack RPG, so do try to keep your characters as In Character as possible.
5.) Adult content is allowed, but please keep it behind an LJ-Cut.
6.) Please have an open mind. We allow all shippers, including slash and whatnot.
7.) Act responsibly and maturely.
8.) Keep Out of Character discussions out of the main community. Make a special post in your character journal to talk to other players.
9.) If you need to take a break or will not be online for a certain length of time, make a note in the character's journal.
10.) HAVE FUN!!! :D

Keep in mind, this game tells a story, so try to have your characters do as many activities as you can. Plots are good! Plots are very good!

Note: The main community is for new players to introduce themselves, for mod!posts, for Logs, and for plot discussion. In Character posts should be kept to the characters' journals.


Send an email to atla.nextchapter@gmail.com with "Application - "Character's Name" in the Subject with the following -

Character's Name:
Your Name/Internet Handle:
Your Journal:
Basic Info About The Character: (Just give a paragraph with facts about the character. Please do not copy and paste from a Wiki. We need this so we know you know the character! :) )
Sample Entry: (Give us roughly 100-200 words - This is to show us how you'll portray the character.)

Upon being accepted you will create the character's journal and join the community, plus friend all existing journals.


Inportant Stuff:

The Friend Add List // Contact Info // List of Already Taken Characters


Any further questions, drop us an email!

Mods: kyatto ( era_of_peace )